Marie C. D'Amico, Esq.

Vistelar Consultant

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Verbal Defense and Influence Consultant

Vistelar Group is a global speaking and training organization focused on addressing the spectrum of human conflict. Verbal Defense & Influence, part of the Vistelar Group, teaches effective communication in the midst of stress, reducing both injury and liability.  Our clients are organizations where human conflict is prevalent: businesses, healthcare, education, public safety and governments.

Verbal Defense & Influence trains employees to communicate effectively in the midst of stress and aids in the prevention of physical injury, costly disruptive behavior, and liability. It is an essential addition to any organization’s risk-management efforts (e.g., diversity, ethics, conflict resolution training).

In addition, we train individuals from all walks of life interested in enhancing their personal safety by teaching them how to prevent conflict from occurring, verbally de-escalate conflict if it occurs and physically defend themselves if attacked.